King of Palms is a sweepstakes promotion company that provides playable game tokens for the Riversweeps social casino platform. Riversweeps provides safe, reliable, fun, and easy access to all of the best online sweepstakes games.  The Riversweeps gaming platform offers more than 70 games able to be played on mobile, tablet, and desktop. We process your purchase of game tokens and the redemption of rewards. While we don't have direct access to the Riversweeps platform, odds, or in-game promotions, our online cashiers are available for assistance 20 hours a day.

King of Palms is a sweepstakes promotion company that offers playable game tokens for the Riversweeps social casino platform.

When you purchase playable game tokens and receive rewards, those rewards are redeemable in Bitcoin. You can provide your Bitcoin wallet address, and we will send the rewards to that address.

To sign up, visit our Home page and follow Step 1: Click on the "sign up here" box under "complete our sign up form". After filling out the form, message us and we'll send you your login details.

Signing up is straightforward. All you need to do is complete our sign up form on our homepage and download the Riversweeps app. After completing the process, a King of Palms cashier will provide you with a unique 12-digit account PIN for login. Remember to have a Bitcoin wallet ready for redeeming your rewards.

Riversweeps can be played on any device. There are downloadable apps available for both Apple and Android users, as well as a desktop version. You can find the download links at www.DoYouHaveTheApp.com or https://bet777.eu/

Yes, there are several ways to receive free playable game tokens. We have a referral program where you can invite new friends and receive free entries. Additionally, logging in daily can earn you free play. You can also mail in a request to ATTN: King of Palms, 1317 Edgewater Drive #4414, Orlando, FL 32804 and we will add $20 worth of entries to your new account. You will need to include your NAME and ACCOUNT PIN that was created for you by our team when you signed up https://www.kopsignup.com/ . Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details.

Currently, we accept deposits through CashApp. We will soon introduce new deposit options. Our CashApp cashtags change daily to ensure secure transactions. Before depositing, please message us to ask for the correct cashtag for that particular day. Remember to include your PIN in the "For" section when making your deposit through CashApp.

All rewards are paid in Bitcoin. When you're ready to redeem your rewards, simply send us a message with your PIN, the amount you want to redeem, and your Bitcoin wallet address. We'll process your request and send the rewards accordingly.

No, there is no minimum amount required for redemption.

You can redeem rewards up to 2 times per day, not exceeding a total of $300 per day.

Deposits sent during our hours of operation are loaded in the order they are received. In most cases, deposits are loaded within just a few minutes.

Since all rewards are paid in Bitcoin, the processing time depends on the traffic on the Bitcoin network. Requests are processed as soon as they are received, and it usually takes only a few minutes to receive your rewards.

We can send your rewards to any Bitcoin wallet you have. If you prefer to use CashApp as your Bitcoin wallet, we have two videos available to guide you. You can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/@Kingofpalms2020.  There are also other Bitcoin wallet options, including PayPal. Whichever address you provide for redeeming rewards is where your rewards will be sent.

Yes, we offer a referral bonus if you bring in a new player who opens an account with an initial token purchase of $20 or more. To qualify for the bonus, the new player must mention your name during the signup process.  Additionally, RiverSweeps offers their own referral program in the game that is separate from our offerings.

You will always receive free tokens on your first daily deposit, and the amount of free tokens depends on the size of your deposit. Additionally, Riversweeps often offers other free token opportunities simply by logging in daily.

To take part in RiverSweeps Daily Wheel Prize drawing: - Players must be active (Daily Wheel becomes available starting from 100$ total bets reached by a player). - Players must make deposits not less than once per 3 days (min deposit 5$). Video Info Available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y01SAII6uJg

All rewards are paid in Bitcoin. If you choose not to use a Bitcoin wallet to receive your rewards, your rewards will not be redeemable but can still be used to purchase more playable game tokens.

Absolutely! You're free to receive your rewards in any Bitcoin wallet of your choice. While the process of setting up and managing a Bitcoin wallet may vary slightly from one provider to another, all of them will allow you to receive and manage your Bitcoin rewards.

If you're new to this or looking for a wallet that's easy to use, we have compiled a list of popular Bitcoin wallet providers, known for their user-friendly interfaces. Please note that these are listed in no particular order and we are not explicitly endorsing any of these options. It's important to research and choose the one that best fits your needs.



Wallet of Satoshi




When you first receive your 12-digit account PIN and login for the first time, we encourage you to add a password to your account for an added level of security.

If you find that your password isn’t working you should first try closing the app and restarting it. Restarting your phone also helps. If this continues, you can give a cashier permission to delete your password. We are not able to provide you with your password because we cannot see it.

In your game, there will be two numbers displayed. The number on the left represents your redeemable rewards, while the number on the right represents playable game tokens. Only the number on the left can be redeemed.

We are open daily 6am – 2am EST. Our cashiers are offline from 2am-6am EST and will reply to any overnight requests upon arrival at 6am EST