Welcome to Club KOP, where your Bitcoin goes further! As a member of this exclusive club, you unlock a cascade of benefits every time you transact using Bitcoin. Here's what's in store for you:

10% Bitcoin Boost:  

Enjoy a generous 10% bonus added to every purchase you make. It's our way of saying thanks for using Bitcoin!

Birthday Bonus: 

Celebrate your special day with us! Receive $10 worth of credits annually when you check in on your birthday. Just provide proof of your birthdate, and enjoy a birthday treat on us!

Elevated Daily Redeem: 

Your daily redeem cap gets a significant bump up, allowing you to enjoy up to $400 daily.

Monthly Excitement: 

Get exclusive access to monthly contests and promotions that keep your gaming experience fresh and thrilling.

Gaming Galore: 

Dive into additional gaming platforms, expanding your entertainment options and chances to win big


Begin your journey by purchasing Bitcoin from your preferred exchange. Use Bitcoin to buy game tokens seamlessly on our platform. New to Bitcoin? We’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow tutorials to guide you through the process.

Click HERE  for a brief video tutorial

Join Club KOP today and maximize your gaming experience with Bitcoin!

$100 Payment

$250 Payment